Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mermaids: Real or just a Myth?

               Mermaids, considered a mythical creature now for thousands of years. However, recent reports and videos have found evidence proving mermaids ARE indeed real. According to a documentary called "Mermaids: The Lost Body Found", mermaids have been spotted in several places across the globe, including off the coasts of South Africa and Greenland. They've also been found responsible for a mass increase of  dead whales coming from the sea. Some scientists believe its because of the very low sonar blasts that these mermaids release. 

          The U.S. Navy, who found a body suspected to be a mermaid in 2010, has denied that it was a mermaid. They didn't say exactly what it was or describe it at all, but destroyed all samples of it. Although we still don't know the truth about mermaids' existence, some very crucial evidence about it has been building up, and this myth is really starting to get questionable. 

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  1. Awesome. Why do you believe they are covering it up? Teachers never talked about this scientific evidence in school? This is really shocking news to me too and I have a Masters Degree.